Quality Control Achievements In Source And Supply Of Aerospace Parts And Components

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A quality control process ensures that all parts and components sourced and to be supplied are meticulously reviewed and thoroughly inspected before they reach the source supplier’s warehouse. A similar quality assurance process is in place for all aerospace fasteners reaching clients’ premises. This is done through consignment and vendor managed inventories (VMI) programs are in place.

At least a few years of inventorying of parts and components is required to give peace and mind to all and sundry. Client orders are processed in good time and there are no delivery delays. The inventory system used is barcoded at all times. It ensures that orders are processed promptly and accurately. And in those cases were discrepancies, customer concerns or queries do arise (customers do change their minds from time to time) data is well documented to back to an original order, looking at its parts and components history.

A VMI gives clients the power to be flexible in the management of their own inventories in ways that are best suited to their operations. The VMI has eliminated typical inventory maintenance issues, allowing all clients to remain focused on core aspects of their business. As it is with every progressive or innovative system installed, benefits accrue to those who utilize them best. In this case, clients benefit from enhanced lot traceability, a consolidated billing process and optimized product throughput. 

Tying in with or following through on the quality control processes is the kitting service. This service provides clients with bundled product kits as well as fully customizable kits which they, in turn, can forward to their clients. It is billed as a ‘hassle free solution for customers who wish to stock pre-packaged aircraft hardware component kits’.